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Why TSC?

Graham HeyWhy work with TSC?

We at TSC are all about personal service, we do not have a shop or a call centre just someone to talk to you sensibly face to face and on the telephone.

Of course you may prefer to:

  1. Queue in a mobile store to discuss a business contract and waste a lot of your time
  2. Fill in an online application on a network site and find the site crashes so you have to input again.
  3. Go direct to a network and get poor service because you do not spend enough.
  4. Discuss your billing or technical problem with an undertrained call centre operative after waiting 15 minutes listening to muzak.

But we prefer to treat our clients differently.

From visiting your premises, discussing your requirements, formulating a contract, fulfilling the contract by delivering handsets, ensuring you get all of the services you wanted at the prices quoted, arranging ports, to dealing with any issues we are on hand to ensure you are comfortable in the knowledge we have covered all your requirements and we care to get it right.

To understand better what we offer it is the testimonials such as this one below and on the Testimonials page that will give you an insight.

‘TSC can benchmark my clients mobile telecommunications costs against options for new contracts with all of the networks and service providers to enable a comprehensive report to be presented to my clients with the aim of creating a Win – Win – Win scenario’. - A Business Cost Consultant in London.

  • FACT – Big Savings – 9 out of 10 client audits produce savings – some as high as 50%!
  • FACT – Great Service – 95% of our clients prefer to remain with us after their first contract.
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